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September 13, 2010

Climate change; number of droughts likely to increase?

A Met Office study on how climate change could affect the frequency of extreme droughts in the UK has found a range of possibilities — the majority of them showing such droughts will become more common.

For insurers, dry spells mean an increase in subsidence claim numbers.

The Met Office study used conditions seen in the drought of 1976 as a benchmark – 1976 was a year which saw one of the worst droughts on record with a surge in subsidence claims on property amounting to around £60 million.  The study’s outcome indicated that 1976 style droughts will occur more frequently in the future and could occur, at the high end of the study, once every decade.

With average temperatures in the UK expected to rise, torrential rain and floods are likely to become more common, summers will get drier and winters wetter.  With this in mind, new homes need to be designed with not only their carbon footprint and energy saving in mind, but are weather and climate resilient.

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Source: The Met Office

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