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CCTV Drainage Inspections

CCTV Drainage Inspections

A drainage report may be requested when there is evidence above ground to suggest that there may be a problem with the drainage system. This is normally indicated by out of levels to the ground, cracking in pathways and cracking to elevations in the locations of downspouts.

The condition and full extent of damage to the underground drainage can only be assessed during a CCTV inspection whereby the system is accessed via a manhole and a small camera is passed through the system.

The Drainage Engineer will record the picture as the camera progresses and assess the extent and cause of any damage noted.

The Drainage Report will consist of a 'Site Layout' to show the exact location of the system underground identifying all manholes, inspection chambers, paths, branches and connections. The report will then indicate at what exact points and depths the damage has been located and advise upon the cause and necessary remedial action to rectify matters. A 'Proposed Drainage Layout' and 'Repair Quotation' will be included should any remedial works be deemed necessary.

In certain cases, particularly in older properties, there may be no manhole from which to access the system. In order to facilitate the CCTV camera inspection a hole will need to be excavated and the pipe broken into and then upon completion of inspection repaired and the hole backfilled.

Other Tests may be requested such as Water Tightness / Hydraulic Test. This involves plugging each drain run at its lowest point, filling it up with water and monitoring it to ensure no water escapes. Upon removal of the plug the water should flow fairly rapidly which will indicate no blockages are present.

Cesspools and Septic Tanks are found usually in rural locations. Cesspools are simply holding tanks for waste water and require emptying at regular monthly intervals. Septic Tanks, however, are small 'treatment plants'.

As waste water passes through the tank it undergoes a cleaning process using bacteria. The ‘cleaned’ water is then discharged into the ground. In some cases septic tanks require emptying after a number of years to remove any sludge which will in time hinder its performance.

In order to assess the condition of cesspools and septic tanks it is necessary to empty the system completely and clean it out. This operation would only normally be undertaken if there were serious concerns regarding the serviceability.

A drainage report would not include inspection of a cesspool or septic tank unless a specific instruction to do so is made.

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