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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

For Brewsters, CSR means addressing the expectations of our clients, employees and other associated companies, in managing our business responsibly and sensibly for long-term success.

Our prime responsibility is to be a successful company. This is a pre-requisite if we want the continued support of our clients, employees and those we work with. It is equally important that we attract and retain the best staff that we can.

Through our Recruitment process, Induction and Training & Development Policy we are committed to building the best team of staff that we can, ensuring their ongoing development within the company and creating a sense of belonging and staff retention.

As a service provider, we are not major consumers of non-renewable resources, nor do we produce high volumes of pollutants. However, the view shared by our employees and customers alike is that we should contribute to saving the environment in any way that we can and likewise the society we live in.

Over the years, we have paid particular emphasis to our environmental policy and constantly involve our staff and seek their inspiration in the decisions we make to try and reduce our carbon footprint. Our staff are also actively involved in ‘Team Brewsters’ charitable giving activities. Our recent fundraising accomplishments are available to view on our website. The charities we support may change from year to year but are chosen by our staff and always for reasons we feel passionate about.

For the future, we plan to do more to help protect our environment and as such have careful measures in place to monitor; volume of paper consumption, volume of paper recycled / office materials recycled / fuel consumption / car sharing to reduce consumption / energy consumption and efficiency / purchase decisions being based on environmentally friendly options.

Our policies are reviewed on a regular basis as we strive to improve the way in which we operate.

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