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Top 10 tips if your home is at risk of flooding ……….

Is your home is at risk of flooding

The Facts :

2 million homes have been built in flood risk areas in England & Wales.

The Environment Agency suggests that 43% of existing flood defences are in a fair, poor or very poor state of repair.

[source: Environment Agency]

Preparation – what to do now

  • check insurance cover, ensure it covers flood
  • safely store all important papers and insurance documents in a waterproof container and place at high level / upstairs
  • know how to turn off your gas, electric and water mains supply
  • prepare a flood kit of essentials; torch, wind-up radio for news updates, first aid, warm clothes, store at high level / upstairs
  • agree with family members ‘a flood plan’ where to meet and how to contact each other in the event of a flood

what to do in the event of a flood alert;

  • move lightweight, treasured and valuable possessions to a safe place upstairs
  • put plugs in sinks and baths to stop water entering – weigh them down with a heavy object
  • dis-connect any equipment that uses water (washing machines / dishwashers) if they do not have non-return valves
  • place sandbags outside doors and infront of airbricks
  • dis-connect all electrical items and store them as high up as possible

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